About dhp

Here, Concept is King. A rich communication is what we love to create. Planning and pre-production are our tools to embrace the concept, fleshing it out through research and innovation, then making it uniquely ours through sleep deprivation and caffeine abuse. Once the concept is well in hand, freedom is allowed for ideas to come from the gut and in the moment . . . energy becomes the protagonist in our story.

We exist out of a passion for doing what we do, and we have years of artistic ‘in the trenches’ to back it. We are the odd kids that stayed home Saturday nights to sketch out ideas, and then went to way too many parties to find more ideas. Making the morning coffee is a frustratingly long delay from getting to the work/fun to be done.

A camera and lens are just part of the tools used to communicate the idea. They are the vehicle we have selected as appropriate to our vision. One analogy would be that photography is the frame of a house. A frame on it’s own doesn’t go far, but the concept and story intervene as our architect. Locations, models and props become our walls, windows and furniture. The computer is our interior decorator, making everything just so

This is the house we've built. Welcome.

Portrait of Dale Heise by Monique on the set of Rain